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It is very reach in polyunsaturated fatty acids (>50%) and at the same time has a good percentage of monounsaturated (>33%). The reason for the choice of this oil are: low greasiness, easily absorbed from the skin (resulting in a softening effect), moisturizing, high content of vitamin E (tacopheral) and full guarantee of the place of origin (strictly Italian)

Indicated for hardened and dry scalps. It hydrates and re-balances the skin. It rebalances the skin in the presence of very fine scales dandruff caused by the use of highly alkaline products.

Bottles available:

1.01 fl.oz (30 ml) for salon use

0.16 fl.oz (5ml) for home use

How to use to all essential mix 0.16 fl.oz:

Insert the content of the Essential mix into Shampoo Beauty Botle. Shake well. Apply to wet hair. Massage into scalp and hair, working through the ends. Rinse thoroughly.