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Hypericum oil has long been known for its excellent properties when used on burns but it has also many others uses: it is superb as a poultice on hair and when used on the body it makes the skin smooth and well moisturized. Finally, it’s a good ally to fight aging because it stimulates the cellular regeneration.
It is used on all hair types, especially on colored hair making it brilliant and lucent.

How to use:

Pour into bamboo 3 puff of shampoo. Apply making 2cm separations on dry hair. After the application add a little water and emulsify to obtain a foamy mousse then gently massage on the hair length for 2-3 minutes. Repeat the operation if needed.

Bottles available:

6.7 fl.oz (250 ml) for home use.

33.8 fl.oz (1000 ml) for home and salon use