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It is rich in estragole and linalool and very rich proteins (more than 3% when fresh), camphor, tannins and vitamins A and C. It is very widely used in the food industry but also in cosmetics thanks to its many properties: deodorizing, insect repellent, invigorating and balsamic.

Carries out an action that re-oxygenates your skin and scalp and stimulate Re-growth. Very suitable to save volume of hair, it helps rebalance the skin and prevention fast oily hair.

Bottles available:

1.01 fl.oz (30 ml) for salon use

0.16 fl.oz (5ml) for home use

How to use to all essential mix 0.16 fl.oz:

Insert the content of the Essential mix into Shampoo Beauty Botle. Shake well. Apply to wet hair. Massage into scalp and hair, working through the ends. Rinse thoroughly.