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Highly aromatic bushy plant, it contains terpene derivatives, alcohols and essential oil, 1 to2% rich in phenols (thymol and carvacrol), borneol and linalool.

It is the adjuvant treatment in the prevention of hair loss based on: trace elements, able to accelerate the metabolic exchanges; an exclusive complex of plant extracts with effective stimulating action of hair functions that reinforce the anchoring of the hair follicle, prolonging its life; Apigenin, an element that improves the microcirculation; Oleanic acid, which reduces hormonal influence on hair; Biotinoil Tripeptide-l source of energy.

How to use:

After making the most suitable detergent, distribute the Basic Power with one or more Essential Power: Apigenin, Xylitol, Iron or Serenoa depending on the severity of the problem we are dealing with. Spray on the scalp exerting a gentle circular massage. Do not rinse. If necessary, according to prescription, apply even 3-4 time a week regardless of washing.

Bottles available:

6.76 fl.oz (200ml) for salon use

3.38 fl.oz (100ml) for home use