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Lemon juice used on the face is a great cleanser and astringent for oily skin and fights the formatting of blackheads. The fruits is made of about 38% of peel, 60% of pulp and 2% of seeds. The extract obtained from the peel and pulp of the fresh fruit makes all types of hair very shiny.

It is particularly indicated for very greasy scalps thanks to the astringent properties of its oils. Its antiseptic power helps fight the proliferation of bacteria that can be easily found in a seborrheic environment. Rebalances oily scalp.

Bottles available:

1.01 fl.oz (30 ml) for salon use

0.16 fl.oz (5ml) for home use

How to use to all essential mix 0.16 fl.oz:

Insert the content of the Essential mix into Shampoo Beauty Botle. Shake well. Apply to wet hair. Massage into scalp and hair, working through the ends. Rinse thoroughly.