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0.0 Power of Color

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0.0 Power of Color

Aloe Vera, Goji Berries, Shea Butter

Organic Hair Color. With Aloe Vera, Goji Berry and Shea Butter. 100% cover of the grey hair.
Aloe vera is an outstanding balm, that deeply moisturizes, makes hair shiny and extremely soft. Goji is a fruit that contains a very high level of antioxidant. Pure natural shea butter is considerably rich in vitamin A and E, it contains essential fatty acids which are indispensable for hydration, elasticity and luminosity of the hair and skin.

How to use:
On dry hair use Purify Colour in the traditional way. Mix with OXY and your Purify Color according to the needs. For more detailed informations, consult the colour charts. Only for professional use.