About General Cosmetics

We are – General Cosmetics, distributor of hair professional cosmetics.
In our work we are inspired by high-quality products for hair, beautiful and healthy hair. Hair Beauty in the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of men and women of different religions and skin colors . It’s part of the image of human. This message to the world that each of us speaks without words. In the office, on the podium, in the theater or cinema, we can see images of heroes and ordinary people who have become a reality, thanks to the talent and skill of the people who are just doing their job. Behind all of this thing hands of the Master. Hair stylist one of the oldest professions. Man conquered space, going on an expedition to Mars. But in hair care without the Master Hand, all the latest developments do not have any value. 
Our specialists visit world exhibitions, and most tested Highlighted quality products we are proud to present to our customers in the market.

We are not choosing global manufacturers, where the product is standardized and put on stream, we choose the family company, where the creation of each product – a love for his work, which from generation to generation the traditions of Hairdressing Art.