PURIFY COLOR. Organic hair color. 100% cover of the grey hair

Purify Color is presented by the following products: 36 hair dyes, activator for colorant, shampoo and balsam for colored hair. Totally 42 products.

With ALOE VERA - natural restorer

Aloe vera is an outstanding balm, that deeply moisturizes, makes hair shiny and extremely soft. 20 minerals including calcium, chrome, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium. zinc. 18 of 20 indispensable amino-acid, 12 vitamins including vitamin A,C, D, E and B. Enzymes necessary for all the vital processes.

With GOJI BERRIES - natural antioxidant

Goji is a fruit that contains a very high level of antioxidant. Purify colour restores the hair structure from inside thanks to its antioxidant particles. Goji is considerably rich in vitamin A, precious to counteract different scalp problem. Goji contains carotenoids (precursors to vitamin A) which are very strong antioxidants: for hair and skin beauty.

With SHEA BUTTER - natural moisturizing

For centuries, natives have used it for its moisturizing, emollient, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging properties. Pure natural shea butter is considerably rich in vitamin A and E, it contains essential fatty acids which are indispensable for hydration, elasticity and luminosity of the skin.



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