History. Way from Ecobotanic to BIOBOTANIC

“Ecobotanic” was born in 1995 from an ides of the Polverini Group, a line of hair cosmetics that was considered 60/70% natural. During a meeting with the affiliated hairdressers, the Polverini Group wondered how to improve their product Line becoming environment friendly.

Hence Ecobotanic was created, a hair products line made from vegetable oils.

Through extensive studies and our experience in the field, we identified nine different scalp problems: oily scalp, dandruff scalp, hair loss etc.

So it was necessary to find the right hair treatments with products designed specifically for each problem. This is how we created the Essential Blends, a mix of essential oils suitable for different skin problems to be added to the Basic detergent Oil.

Since 2013 Ecobotanic is undergoing a considerable change and has totally evolved.

And now in 2015 BioBotanic is born, a line of organic hair products, 100% natural, highly environment-friendly.

After years of research and studies, we finally started to collaborate with a group of technicians who wanted to share with us this initiative, contributing to the birth of this innovative line, with zero environmental impact and with valuable benefits for the hair.

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